Lipgloss vs. Liquid Matte Review

Hi beauties!

Happy Tuesday! After last weeks’ BeautyCon I bought and received so many different lipsticks that consisted of glosses and mattes! I’ve been wearing a mixture of the two and below I’ll be reviewing each line and it’s color, consistency, staying power and if it’s worth the buy. 

All of the colors swatched on my hand

All reviews will be in numerical order according to the picture above👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾

  1. ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lip: I loved this gloss as it came inside my BeautyCon swag bag and was impressed with its glossiness and shine. The color is Sookie so I instantly thought of TruBlood. The only downside is that it doesn’t last thru meals which some of the other glosses did.
  2. LimeCrime Velvetine in Teddy Bear: This is my new grayish/lilac toned color! First of all, when I mixed my mattes together I would get this color so it was great to finally find this color that wasn’t too grey. Velvetines are really popular now and for good reason because the pigmigminted colors are gorgeous. This color stayed on for awhile too, even after eating.
  3. LimeCrime Velvetine in Wicked: OMG! This is my favorite brick red color. It goes on so smooth and is such a gorge color. It dries a little deeper and goes on really rich so you shouldn’t feel intimidated. The downside is that after awhile, small little crack may come on to your lip but it’s not a biggie
  4. LimeCrime Velvetine in Saddle: If you are looking for a nice, rich brown color that a beautiful earth tone, Saddle is the color for you. It reminds me of Kylie Cosmetics first line of lipkits which had lots of browns. It goes on really smooth and dries lighter.
  5. NYX Cosmetics Intense Butter Gloss in Black Cherry Tart: When I first swatched this color I thought it was just a little deeper that the ColourPop Sookie but it’s very rich and I LOVE the applicator brush that allows precision when applying the gloss.
  6. NYX Cosmetics Intense Butter Gloss in Spice Cake: I gave this to someone because I knew they would really like the color so I didn’t wear this one but the color is a pinkish wine color which is think and very glossy!
  7. NYX Cosmetics Intense Butter Gloss in Berry Strudel: I was pleasantly surprised my this color and got a lot of compliments when I wore it and it’s the one outside of my comfort zone. You have to apply two coats but it may come out too thick depending on your comfort level and lips. High pigmented color with sooo much gloss!

I hope you all find my reviews helpful and below is a picture of me wearing Black Cherry Tart! 

Wearing Black Cherry Tart by NYX cosmetics

Xoxo Beauties!



This past weekend I had the pleasure to attend my first ever BeautyCon in NYC! It was a jam packed Saturday but it was well worth it! 

First, I purchased the Total Package ticket which allowed early access into the event and 3 meet ups with content creators. There was an early morning brunch that came with the ticket and I arrived at 10AM. There was a tent set up with @Tanamongeau, @LimeCrimecosmetics, Cosmo mag, and Delta airlines. What was really cool was that LimeCrime was doing touch ups that included colored brows, metallic lips, Baby’s Breath, and Faux freckles to name a few. I went with the Baby’s breath and the makeup artist that applied them was such a sweetheart! Photos are below! 

myself and @sarahmcgbeauty
all the touch ups during the brunch

For Next Year: I will definitely pay the extra for the brunch and get there a little earlier but getting there after it had started had its benefits of not being as crowded.

Next, I ventured into the conference center and there were well over 50 beauty/skin/perfume/wellness brands there! It was very overwelming but I am grateful I was able to visit each larger booth before general admission started flowing through. 

For Next Year: I recommend doing a walk through of the whole center before deciding on which booth to spend your time. I would do the larger brands first since those lines tend to be the longest and then go to the shorter ones since you have early access with the Total and Social packages. 

Some of my favorite booths were Maybelline, NYX Cosmetics, Amika, QVC, LimeCrime, Ricky’s,  Perfumania, and Carols Daughter. These were my favorite because they had great discounts on a lot of their popular items like LimeCrime’s Velvetines and Ricky’s was 25% off everything in the mini store that was set up. The popular theme for the guests were giveaways, photo booth fun, social media interactions, product samples, and  BeautyCon box discounts.

There were a range of panel discussions however it was really difficult to hear the panelists and there was not much seating available. Some of the panelists included: Ashley Graham, Jordyn Woods, Justine Skye, Kelly Rowland, EJ Johnson, Dascha Polanco, and lots of Youtubers: Tana Mongeau, Bethany Mota, MakeupShayla, Angel Merino, Karen Gonzalez, and Nicole Guerriero to name a few.

There was a meet and greet with the fabulous highlight queen, MakeupShalya!  I was able to take a selfie with her and pose with a picture. She was very sweet and nice! Below are our photos together:

Overall, I had a great time at the event along with the meet ups. The only area that can be improved is the organization of the Meet ups and a larger venue because the lines were very long for the booths and not much room to walk around. The panel discussion were nice but just difficult to hear. The swag bag was awesome and worth the money spent for the Total Package. Below are more photos of myself at some of the booths and my swag bag. My snap story is below as well! 

I definitely recommend beauty enthusiasts, bloggers, and beauty/skincare brands to attend. There were well over 3,000 people in attendance over the course of the day. Until next year! 



 Target shopping tips

Happy Monday!!

There is a slight chill in the air in the morning meaning  fall is on its way! You all know I love mixing high and low pieces, and where I get most of my lower priced items is my favorite, Target!!

Now some of you may get overwhelmed when you approach a large discounted retailer, now Target really doesn’t fall into that category because most of their clothes are low priced and good quality. I have Mossimo and Merona blazers and dresses that I have had for over 8 years.  Below I’m going to share some of my top shopping tips when going to Target to make it easier for you all. 

1. Download the Target CartWheel App

This app is so cool and easy! What it does is that it finds discounts for you that you may not see in the circular (store ad). You can search for any item in the store by brand, type, or category like apparell. You may get 15% off women’s apparell or 5% strawberries. It’s really that random and you can add multiple coupons on one transaction. It’s free on the App Store for IPhones and Androids as well. A must have!

2. Shop seasonal items 1-2 weeks before the seasonal event. 

When a new seasonal event is about to occur, Target usually starts to clear out the old and bring in the new about 1-2 weeks before that event occurs. For example, if you are trying to get your hands on some suede booties in a popular size like 7 or 8, you need to go when they are first put out or you won’t find them. If you actually wait for Fall to begin or the cold to start, you will be getting slim pickings. I worked at Target as a teenager and saw the routine retail schedule relating to seasonal items. The same rules apply to bathing suits, back to school items, any seasonal event. 

3. Apply for a Target Red Card

If you are a frequent Target shopper 🙋🏾 (guilty) you will reap lots of benefits from this card. I do not have many retailer credit cards because that brings your credit score down, however pick wisely to which one you will choose. The Target RedCard, allows Free Shipping on all items purchased on, you can attach your debit card to the Target RedCard, 5% off ALL purchases when you use the card, and you get an extra 30 days on returns and exchanges. Depending on your credit you are given a certain limit, and they give awesome text reminders to pay your bill. 

4. Go to Clearance rack in the middle of the week.

I find that mid-week or on a Monday you will have a better selection on clothes that are marked down. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are good because there is a rumor that on those days the Team members mark down the clearance items even more. Also, it’s not as hectic than it is on the weekends. 

5. Shop their sandals/flats/heels , be particular about boots and booties.

When it comes to their summer shoe choices,  the quality is pretty decent. I have had sandals for over 10 years that I bought from Target and they are in good condition. However, some of the boots only last about 1-2 years if you are lucky. I am heavy footed and walk really strong so I need durable shoes. Don’t get me wrong they are cute and stylish but I would spend a little more on this type of shoe because there will be more wear and tear in Fall & Winter. 

I hope these tips and ticks help you all because they continue to help me as I scout out my favorite Target stores. Happy shopping! 🎯



Hydra matte review by Gerard Costmetics

Happy September!

Its a month of back to school, football, pumpkin spice lattes, and best of all FALL makeup and fashion!!! I’m so excited to try out new fall colors in lip colors and especially matte. 

I recently tried for the first time Hydra Matte liquid matte lipsticks by @GerardCosmetics. First, the color selection and packaging are gorgeous! I have swatches and pictures with three colors I purchased below:

The great thing about this line of liquid mattes are that they are not overdrying. They dry pretty quickly which has its pros and cons because I like to mix lip colors together and it’s easier to mix when the colors are still wet. This line is usually $20 dollars a piece however I got them for $12 each and the company is always doing promotions so it’s definitely affordable. The ADDED BONUS? I was shipped a liquid lipstick gloss that I didn’t order and it came with a mirror and light??!! It was so cool!I have a picture of the lipgloss separately so you can see the light and mirror.

iced mocha, coachella, salmon, and skinny dip
Salmon liquid listick in gloss

Below are photos of me with each of the liquid mattes on in different lighting as well.

Stay beautiful!



Essential oils EVERY natural hair gal needs!

Hey beautiful people!

This heat wave we have been having on the east coast is no joke! My hair has been taking a beating with the heat, humidity, rain, and other elements. I’ve been swimming in pools and beaches and it’s always timely to give extra maintainence to your curls. 

Sunday is usually my scheduled maintenance day with catching up on cleaning, getting ready for the week and course my hair! 

I’ll be highlighting the key oils that I use on my hair especially during a maintainence day which includes deep conditioning with a heated cap.

Argan oil, 100% Shea Butter, Jamaican Black Castor Oil

1. 100% Organic Shea Butter should be in every girls dresser/ cabinet because there are so many great uses for it. After I deep condition I apply the Shea butter to my hair that has been divided in 4 parts so it’s equally distributed. I also use the Shea butter because I have really bad eczema and it helps when it flares up.

2. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is another that should be in every lady’s cabinet because of its multipurpose use. See the pattern ladies. If you don’t know JBCO stimulates growth when applied to your scalp. If you recently have encountered breakage, this is the KEY! When I first went natural, 4 years ago, this was my Godsend because I was too much of a wuss to do the big chop so I transitioned slowly and applied JBCO to my roots and new growth line to prevent breakage. Fun fact: JBCO was used back in the day in Jamaica for women who were about to give birth to help with their pain. My grandmother told me the story of how she had to drink it when she was having contractions and how disgusting it was. A little goes a long way with JBCO since it’s so rich and heavy so use depending on thickness and length of hair.

3. Argan Oil works great on my hair because I have color on it and my hair tends to be more on the dry side. The Argan oil is perfect for shine and it lasts  ALL DAY!!!! When I like to wear my fro out I can always depend on the Argan oil to make sure it’s shiny and full of moisture without looking greasy. It has a polished finish to it.

I would love to see pics and how the oils and Shea butter works on your hair. Tag me on my IG page: @ccseesbeauty



New Product Reviews to get Fall ready!

Hey beautiful people! 

I recently stopped by one of my happy places, Sephora, and picked up some goodies that have been on my list. With Fall approaching soon, I wanted to step outside my comfort zone because I have been buying so many Wine/Bordeaux colored lipsticks.  I purchased new matte products by one well known brand and another brand I haven’t used before. 

Pin Up, Ashton, Lip Primer

1. Ciaté London Liquid Velvet matte lipstick

First off, this color is absolutely gorgeous! The applicator is like most liquid matte lipsticks with the felt tip, but it goes on really smooth and doesn’t dry out your lips. I first started with Bite Beauty’s Line & Define Lip Primer. It’s pictured all the way to the right. The primer has a minty taste to it and definitely allows the lip color to stay in place all day. The great thing about Ciaté London’s velvet matte is that the color is true to the swatch which is at the top and pictured below. It stays smooth all day which is not like most matte lipsticks.

Pin Up on top and Ashton on bottom

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

I have been wanting to try this for sooo long! ABH makes such great products I wanted to see if it lived up to its hype. First, this color is so pigmented and rich. It stays true to its swatch and doesn’t feather. The only downside is that it does feel dry once it dries and it dries very quickly after you apply. The primer definitely helps but what I did instead was combine both of the colors by applying Ashton first, then Pin Up. It made a difference with the texture on my lips and it didn’t feel too dry. Below is a picture of me with both colors and they last all day too! 

Ashton & Pin Up together after eating and drinking

The color combination is such cross between mauve and tan together if they had a child. I would recommend both products if you are all about matte lipsticks. If matte is not for you, you will not like these colors but definitely don’t be afraid to play around and mix them up. Let me know how they look! Tag me in IG @CCseesbeauty


YNOT New York

Hey everyone! 

I am a proud believer in supporting women who have a unique vision that will uplift, inspire, and of course look great while doing so! I’m dedicating this post to one of my friends who recently launched Ynot, a premier styling brand. To find out more about this new and exciting brand, continue reading on.

Ynot New York celebrates women of color and the way she moves. Inspired by music + movement, Ynot New York offers premium styling techniques that aim to elevate, simplify and move her. Each service is uniquely rooted in music, offering a marriage between body and soul.

Services include:
Personal Curation: hands-on styling + wardrobe transformation

Digital Curation: personalized digital Nspiration board (monthly subscription/one-off)

Photo shoots: product + wardrobe styling

Follow Ynot New York on Instagram: and check our more looks at

Below is the August Nspiration Board. 

August Nspiration Board

An outfit isn’t complete without a soundtrack to vibe to. Inspire your wardrobe with vibes from our August playlist

You can sign up to receive your own personalized board and curated playlist (via the digital curation service) by contacting OR by sending a DM to @ynotnewyork on Instagram. 

Enjoy beautiful people!



Why I love!

Hey my beautiful people! I hope you all are enjoying the hot and humid summer! It’s been unbearable the past couple of days but hey, it is SUMMER. I decided that I’m going to start a part of my blog called: “Why I love”certain products, services, retailers, etc. 

What I’m going to highlight first is why I love the online flash sale website! There are so many but I’ll start with my top 3 reason why I love the online retailer.

1. The variety: I’ve been hooked on Hautelook since 2011 and what I really appreciated from the beginning is that they featured all different types of designer clothing at such a discounted rate. Flash sales were coming larger and larger into a buyers fingertips and Hautelook was one of the firsts to provide not only clothing, but bedding, makeup, skincare products, and tech items to name a few. I buy many of my work dresses here because I find styles here that I don’t find in stores. Furthermore, if there is a designers sale that I may have missed Hautelook more than likely will feature that designer again in the future. These discounts vary from 60-80% off retail so you are definitely getting your bang for your buck!

Some of my past purchases highlighted on the Orders page

2. Easy return policy: This is a huge plus for me because all designer may have different cuts to their clothing and something may not fit as what you expected. Hautelook lets you return your items to any Nordstorm Rack location for store credit or back to your bank account. I find this so convenient especially when you online shop, return can be such a pain but Hautelook makes this step. Also, when you are in the Nordstorm rack store, you find goodies that aren’t online and you can try them on in the store! Win-win in my eyes

3. Customer service: I judge a lot of retailers and boutiques on how they handle customers and any issues that may arise. We don’t live in a perfect world and sometimes issues come up and I had an issue with a purchase and the customer service associate was so friendly and helpful with trying to alleviate the frustration that I had. 

4. Their improvements on their App: This is my new favorite because they have a new feature called “fit predictor” and it’s awesome! It saves times especially  if there is a popular item, Hautelook remembers your size and fit so you don’t have to second guess and I buy very frequently and lost weight and it went right along to my new size which was so cool! The fit predictor is based on your previous purchases and what size you bought. 

The Fit predictor is accurate and saves time

I recommend using Hautelook for any of my family of friends because I know you will get at least ONE compliment from someone when you purchase an item from Hautelook! 

Let me know how you all like it! I’d love to know! Send me a comment here or on my IG page @CCSeesbeauty



Must have sandals to have this summer!

Who doesn’t want to live in sandals all summer? I know I do! Get a great gel pedi and you are good to go for a couple of weeks. I’m highlighting my must have sandals to wear this summer and have included some product info as well.  These pairs will not break the bank either which is great because they are multifunctional.

1. Platform sandals

I was on the fence in the beginning when I first saw these pairs of sandals pop up everywhere. I try at times to stick to basics when it comes to sandals but once I tried on these pair from Target by Mossimo, $29.99 I was sold! These can be paired with shorts, midi skirts, jeans, work pants. You name it, these sandals give you a chic look. The added bonus: height and they are comfy! I work outside all day for my job and walk about 3-5 miles and can comfortably wear these sandals all day. 

2. Slides

Now this type of sandals has been around for as long as I can remember but it’s making a comeback along with the athleisure trend. The guys have claimed this shoe for awhile now but now the ladies have taken notice. Not only are slides comfy, more and more retailers are getting creative with styles, colors, and choices. The recent collab with Puma and Rihanna put high end slides on the map. The pair I wear are from sneaker and athletic retailer Kith, priced at $30.00. I bought the men’s size but they are extremely versatile and sporty. If you are getting your feet wet in the athleisure trends, make sure slides are at the top of your list.

Below are some affordable slides and platform sandals  that won’t hurt your bank account but still give you the chic look you are after.

H&M $14.99

Target: A+ Alba Slide Sandals $19.99

I’d love to see your photos! Make sure you tag me @ccseesbeauty on IG! 



3 Styles of Sunglasses to try this summer

Hi everyone!

It’s been such a crazy week that I didn’t get a chance to post but I shot with one of my fabulous friends a couple of weeks ago and I’m so excited to share with you all the pictures. 

I have been buying so many different styles of sunglasses over the last couple of months and have been noticing some trends. While some are classics like an aviator, I have been dabbling in more cateye and geometric fun styles. 

1. Cateye

This style is so sexy and alluring! It adds a pop of chic and polish to any outfit. You can go bold with a bright color and make it your statement piece of your outfit. Top: Wildfox Cateye $69, middle: H&M $13, bottom: Jessica Simpson, metal sunglasses $19.97

2. Aviators

In my opinion, Aviators are the most universally faltering sunglass style.  Thank Tom Cruise for putting these on the style radar with his iconic Aviator Ray Bans. I’m wearing reflective ones which add an extra level of “Don’t Kill My Vibe” look. Try different colors too which add to the fun summery  look. All products: aviators from Soho boutique in NYC

3. Geometric/funky 

This is my new fav for the summer! The funkier the better! I’m a Gemini so I love experimenting with different shapes and colors. Make this style a statement piece for your outfit especially if you are going for a monochromatic look. Shades purchased in Soho, NYC.

The fun part about summer is the extra added accessory which is fun shades! Go wild and out of your comfort zone!

Photo credit: Stephanie Barnett