Must have sandals to have this summer!

Who doesn’t want to live in sandals all summer? I know I do! Get a great gel pedi and you are good to go for a couple of weeks. I’m highlighting my must have sandals to wear this summer and have included some product info as well.  These pairs will not break the bank either which is great because they are multifunctional.

1. Platform sandals

I was on the fence in the beginning when I first saw these pairs of sandals pop up everywhere. I try at times to stick to basics when it comes to sandals but once I tried on these pair from Target by Mossimo, $29.99 I was sold! These can be paired with shorts, midi skirts, jeans, work pants. You name it, these sandals give you a chic look. The added bonus: height and they are comfy! I work outside all day for my job and walk about 3-5 miles and can comfortably wear these sandals all day. 

2. Slides

Now this type of sandals has been around for as long as I can remember but it’s making a comeback along with the athleisure trend. The guys have claimed this shoe for awhile now but now the ladies have taken notice. Not only are slides comfy, more and more retailers are getting creative with styles, colors, and choices. The recent collab with Puma and Rihanna put high end slides on the map. The pair I wear are from sneaker and athletic retailer Kith, priced at $30.00. I bought the men’s size but they are extremely versatile and sporty. If you are getting your feet wet in the athleisure trends, make sure slides are at the top of your list.

Below are some affordable slides and platform sandals  that won’t hurt your bank account but still give you the chic look you are after.

H&M $14.99

Target: A+ Alba Slide Sandals $19.99

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3 Styles of Sunglasses to try this summer

Hi everyone!

It’s been such a crazy week that I didn’t get a chance to post but I shot with one of my fabulous friends a couple of weeks ago and I’m so excited to share with you all the pictures. 

I have been buying so many different styles of sunglasses over the last couple of months and have been noticing some trends. While some are classics like an aviator, I have been dabbling in more cateye and geometric fun styles. 

1. Cateye

This style is so sexy and alluring! It adds a pop of chic and polish to any outfit. You can go bold with a bright color and make it your statement piece of your outfit. Top: Wildfox Cateye $69, middle: H&M $13, bottom: Jessica Simpson, metal sunglasses $19.97

2. Aviators

In my opinion, Aviators are the most universally faltering sunglass style.  Thank Tom Cruise for putting these on the style radar with his iconic Aviator Ray Bans. I’m wearing reflective ones which add an extra level of “Don’t Kill My Vibe” look. Try different colors too which add to the fun summery  look. All products: aviators from Soho boutique in NYC

3. Geometric/funky 

This is my new fav for the summer! The funkier the better! I’m a Gemini so I love experimenting with different shapes and colors. Make this style a statement piece for your outfit especially if you are going for a monochromatic look. Shades purchased in Soho, NYC.

The fun part about summer is the extra added accessory which is fun shades! Go wild and out of your comfort zone!

Photo credit: Stephanie Barnett