Mixing Prints 101

Hey beauties!

Happy Saturday! It’s a beautiful crispy Fall day and Thanksgiving is coming fast! Recently, for my sisters birthday I styled her for her birthday dinner and she said she wanted something different and funky. We went to my favorite place which is of course, Target! 

When mixing prints, there are few things to keep in mind and you will look effortlessly stylish! 

1. Using a Cheetah or Animal print as a neutral. 

As seen above in the picture of my sister, she had a festive fall dress and I paired it with a cheetah print cardigan. Now I could’ve put a cream or brick red cardigan or blazer but this adds a bit of funkiness and flair to the outfit that takes it to another level. 

2. Making sure the prints are in the same color scheme. 

I have a houndstooth print and a cheetah print which you would think would not go together but these two are both dark colored and complement each other. Try to stay in the same color scheme and you can mix big bold prints together and it will work. 

3. Mixing different textures in same color scheme. 

If prints are too much for you, try mixing different textures like a faux fur vest, Lurex long sleeved top, and/or colored pant that are in the same color scheme. Since it’s the fall going into winter this can be the focal point of your outfit since wearing a coat or peacoat might be much. 

I would love to see all your pics! 




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