Target shopping tips

Happy Monday!!

There is a slight chill in the air in the morning meaning  fall is on its way! You all know I love mixing high and low pieces, and where I get most of my lower priced items is my favorite, Target!!

Now some of you may get overwhelmed when you approach a large discounted retailer, now Target really doesn’t fall into that category because most of their clothes are low priced and good quality. I have Mossimo and Merona blazers and dresses that I have had for over 8 years.  Below I’m going to share some of my top shopping tips when going to Target to make it easier for you all. 

1. Download the Target CartWheel App

This app is so cool and easy! What it does is that it finds discounts for you that you may not see in the circular (store ad). You can search for any item in the store by brand, type, or category like apparell. You may get 15% off women’s apparell or 5% strawberries. It’s really that random and you can add multiple coupons on one transaction. It’s free on the App Store for IPhones and Androids as well. A must have!

2. Shop seasonal items 1-2 weeks before the seasonal event. 

When a new seasonal event is about to occur, Target usually starts to clear out the old and bring in the new about 1-2 weeks before that event occurs. For example, if you are trying to get your hands on some suede booties in a popular size like 7 or 8, you need to go when they are first put out or you won’t find them. If you actually wait for Fall to begin or the cold to start, you will be getting slim pickings. I worked at Target as a teenager and saw the routine retail schedule relating to seasonal items. The same rules apply to bathing suits, back to school items, any seasonal event. 

3. Apply for a Target Red Card

If you are a frequent Target shopper 🙋🏾 (guilty) you will reap lots of benefits from this card. I do not have many retailer credit cards because that brings your credit score down, however pick wisely to which one you will choose. The Target RedCard, allows Free Shipping on all items purchased on, you can attach your debit card to the Target RedCard, 5% off ALL purchases when you use the card, and you get an extra 30 days on returns and exchanges. Depending on your credit you are given a certain limit, and they give awesome text reminders to pay your bill. 

4. Go to Clearance rack in the middle of the week.

I find that mid-week or on a Monday you will have a better selection on clothes that are marked down. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are good because there is a rumor that on those days the Team members mark down the clearance items even more. Also, it’s not as hectic than it is on the weekends. 

5. Shop their sandals/flats/heels , be particular about boots and booties.

When it comes to their summer shoe choices,  the quality is pretty decent. I have had sandals for over 10 years that I bought from Target and they are in good condition. However, some of the boots only last about 1-2 years if you are lucky. I am heavy footed and walk really strong so I need durable shoes. Don’t get me wrong they are cute and stylish but I would spend a little more on this type of shoe because there will be more wear and tear in Fall & Winter. 

I hope these tips and ticks help you all because they continue to help me as I scout out my favorite Target stores. Happy shopping! 🎯




Hydra matte review by Gerard Costmetics

Happy September!

Its a month of back to school, football, pumpkin spice lattes, and best of all FALL makeup and fashion!!! I’m so excited to try out new fall colors in lip colors and especially matte. 

I recently tried for the first time Hydra Matte liquid matte lipsticks by @GerardCosmetics. First, the color selection and packaging are gorgeous! I have swatches and pictures with three colors I purchased below:

The great thing about this line of liquid mattes are that they are not overdrying. They dry pretty quickly which has its pros and cons because I like to mix lip colors together and it’s easier to mix when the colors are still wet. This line is usually $20 dollars a piece however I got them for $12 each and the company is always doing promotions so it’s definitely affordable. The ADDED BONUS? I was shipped a liquid lipstick gloss that I didn’t order and it came with a mirror and light??!! It was so cool!I have a picture of the lipgloss separately so you can see the light and mirror.

iced mocha, coachella, salmon, and skinny dip
Salmon liquid listick in gloss

Below are photos of me with each of the liquid mattes on in different lighting as well.

Stay beautiful!