Essential oils EVERY natural hair gal needs!

Hey beautiful people!

This heat wave we have been having on the east coast is no joke! My hair has been taking a beating with the heat, humidity, rain, and other elements. I’ve been swimming in pools and beaches and it’s always timely to give extra maintainence to your curls. 

Sunday is usually my scheduled maintenance day with catching up on cleaning, getting ready for the week and course my hair! 

I’ll be highlighting the key oils that I use on my hair especially during a maintainence day which includes deep conditioning with a heated cap.

Argan oil, 100% Shea Butter, Jamaican Black Castor Oil

1. 100% Organic Shea Butter should be in every girls dresser/ cabinet because there are so many great uses for it. After I deep condition I apply the Shea butter to my hair that has been divided in 4 parts so it’s equally distributed. I also use the Shea butter because I have really bad eczema and it helps when it flares up.

2. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is another that should be in every lady’s cabinet because of its multipurpose use. See the pattern ladies. If you don’t know JBCO stimulates growth when applied to your scalp. If you recently have encountered breakage, this is the KEY! When I first went natural, 4 years ago, this was my Godsend because I was too much of a wuss to do the big chop so I transitioned slowly and applied JBCO to my roots and new growth line to prevent breakage. Fun fact: JBCO was used back in the day in Jamaica for women who were about to give birth to help with their pain. My grandmother told me the story of how she had to drink it when she was having contractions and how disgusting it was. A little goes a long way with JBCO since it’s so rich and heavy so use depending on thickness and length of hair.

3. Argan Oil works great on my hair because I have color on it and my hair tends to be more on the dry side. The Argan oil is perfect for shine and it lasts  ALL DAY!!!! When I like to wear my fro out I can always depend on the Argan oil to make sure it’s shiny and full of moisture without looking greasy. It has a polished finish to it.

I would love to see pics and how the oils and Shea butter works on your hair. Tag me on my IG page: @ccseesbeauty




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