Why I love Hautelook.com!

Hey my beautiful people! I hope you all are enjoying the hot and humid summer! It’s been unbearable the past couple of days but hey, it is SUMMER. I decided that I’m going to start a part of my blog called: “Why I love”certain products, services, retailers, etc. 

What I’m going to highlight first is why I love the online flash sale website Hautelook.com! There are so many but I’ll start with my top 3 reason why I love the online retailer.

1. The variety: I’ve been hooked on Hautelook since 2011 and what I really appreciated from the beginning is that they featured all different types of designer clothing at such a discounted rate. Flash sales were coming larger and larger into a buyers fingertips and Hautelook was one of the firsts to provide not only clothing, but bedding, makeup, skincare products, and tech items to name a few. I buy many of my work dresses here because I find styles here that I don’t find in stores. Furthermore, if there is a designers sale that I may have missed Hautelook more than likely will feature that designer again in the future. These discounts vary from 60-80% off retail so you are definitely getting your bang for your buck!

Some of my past purchases highlighted on the Orders page

2. Easy return policy: This is a huge plus for me because all designer may have different cuts to their clothing and something may not fit as what you expected. Hautelook lets you return your items to any Nordstorm Rack location for store credit or back to your bank account. I find this so convenient especially when you online shop, return can be such a pain but Hautelook makes this step. Also, when you are in the Nordstorm rack store, you find goodies that aren’t online and you can try them on in the store! Win-win in my eyes

3. Customer service: I judge a lot of retailers and boutiques on how they handle customers and any issues that may arise. We don’t live in a perfect world and sometimes issues come up and I had an issue with a purchase and the customer service associate was so friendly and helpful with trying to alleviate the frustration that I had. 

4. Their improvements on their App: This is my new favorite because they have a new feature called “fit predictor” and it’s awesome! It saves times especially  if there is a popular item, Hautelook remembers your size and fit so you don’t have to second guess and I buy very frequently and lost weight and it went right along to my new size which was so cool! The fit predictor is based on your previous purchases and what size you bought. 

The Fit predictor is accurate and saves time

I recommend using Hautelook for any of my family of friends because I know you will get at least ONE compliment from someone when you purchase an item from Hautelook! 

Let me know how you all like it! I’d love to know! Send me a comment here or on my IG page @CCSeesbeauty




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