Favorite products for my summer curls

Summer is in full effect and with the humidity, rain, and other elements it can be really tough for us curly-haired ladies. I’m highlighting some products that I have been using since last summer and some new ones as well. All curls are not created equal so you have to consider the texture, thickness, and type of curls that you have. My hair is extremely thick and can get very dry so I have to have products that supply enough moisture without weighing it down. 

1. I am huge lover of Shea Moisture products and Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Strengthen, Grow, & Restore Leave-In Conditioner w/ Shea butter, Peppermint, & Keratin is at the top of my list. This Leave-In Conditioner is great because it’s not too heavy and I add it in right after I finish in the shower. It has awesome ingredients so if you have color treated hair and Jamaican Black Castor oil is known to help hair growth and make it stronger which I agree and have witnessed with my hair. My hair is a homemade ombré right now so this leave-in has all the right things I need to keep it strong.

2.  For a detangler, I love Revitalizing  Leave-in Conditioner by Jane Carter.  I have been using this for years now and it’s the  best detangler because it actually does detangler my thick curls in the shower. I choose to comb out my hair in the shower when my hair is most damp. It has a light lemongrass smell that isn’t too strong and once you spray your hair, the comb will go right through. A must have for thick curly hair!

3.  To refresh my curls after a day or so, I use Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Strengthen, Grow, & Restore Styling Lotion w/ Shea butter, Peppermint, & Keratin. This is great since when you are refreshing your curl style, you may not want to put so much product and this one is light enough to add moisture and shine. Even if your hair is dry it’s a great product to add a pick me up without adding the leave-in. I will say that the Leave-in and styling lotion have the same ingredients so you can use them interchangeably if you like.

4. Lastly, to seal in the moisture I use Morroccan Oil Treatment by Morroccan Oil. This is a new product for me as I usually use Jamaican Black Castor Oil as my seal to lock in my moisture. I love this product and see similarities with Argon Oil. The oil gives you an excellent shine and it lasts you all day. I received it about two months ago through my monthly Ipsy subscription and will buy the bigger bottle once the sample is done. 

There are so many choices when it comes to hair products but when summertime comes you want some that will help against the elements. These are all that I actually use and you can see from the picture below my curls look healthy and strong! 




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