3 summer scents you need!

Summertime fine! We all feel it when summer comes and we also have to smell the part. I have picked my top 3 Summer perfumes that I have worn and range from light and refreshing to one when you are feeling a little more on the sexy exotic side.

1. Wildbloom Vert by Banana Republic. I have to give a shout out to my younger brother, Andrew for buying me this scent about 4 years ago on Christmas. It was in a gift set with about 4 different scents from Banana Republic, but Wildbloom Vert stands out for its light, clean, floral notes of violet leaf, pear & pink lady apple with peach blossoms. Wonderful right? It smells absolutely divine and it’s not too strong of a floral scent that’s perfect for brunch with the girls then shopping after.

2. Amore by Vince Camuto. I received this as a gift from my aunt and it was part of a set and I fell in love with this one. Amore is a floral scent as well, however it’s more on the sweet side. It’s fresh and floral at the same time with notes of cashmere, amber, and sandalwood. It’s not strong at all and is light enough to be worn all day.

3. Classico by Jor’el Parker. This was a sample from my monthly subscription by ipsy. This scent is the strongest of the three and is more on the exotic side. The scent has notes of  Australian Sandalwood, Moroccan Rose, and Indonesian clove bud. It’s perfect for nighttime when you are out on a date night. It’s a come hither scent so if you are trying to draw that date in, he will be intrigued.

These are some of my favorites for summer as I like to change my perfume scents around seasonally. It helps also that whenever someone asks me what I want as I gift I tell them perfume! I’m obsessed!



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