Re-potting your plants 

If taking care of plants is daunting for you don’t worry! We all have to start somewhere and first start by paying attention to the tag in how to care for the plant. Each plant varies in how much water and sunlight so make sure you keep the tag.

I’ll be showing you how to re-pot your plants in a few easy steps once they have outgrown their original pot.

Tools needed: small shovel for soil, gloves (I used latex), Miracle-Gro Potting Mix, larger pot for plant/flowers to put plant in.

1. First, find a pot that is wider and bigger than its original. It should also have a drain hole at the bottom. As you can tell from the photo below, this succulent is ready to be put in a larger pot to grow bigger.

This Succulent plant has clearly out grown its orginal pot

2. Next, I use Miracle Gro Potting Mix and fill my new pot up about 1/3 full of the mix.

works great to grow flowers and plants.
fill 1/3 full with potting mix

3. Next, I take the original plant out of its first pot. Now if it’s really tight, add water to the side to lossen it up. Then, gently loosen the root ball and add to the new pot.

gently loosen the root ball

4. Apply Miracle-Gro Potting Mix along the sides to fill up the new pot with soil. Gently press along the edges so that its blended in. Lastly, add water to set in the new soil and go along with the watering and lighting schedule you were doing for your particular plant. 

final product!

I would love to see your photos so please any comments I would appreciate! Enjoy!




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