3 Styles of Sunglasses to try this summer

Hi everyone!

It’s been such a crazy week that I didn’t get a chance to post but I shot with one of my fabulous friends a couple of weeks ago and I’m so excited to share with you all the pictures. 

I have been buying so many different styles of sunglasses over the last couple of months and have been noticing some trends. While some are classics like an aviator, I have been dabbling in more cateye and geometric fun styles. 

1. Cateye

This style is so sexy and alluring! It adds a pop of chic and polish to any outfit. You can go bold with a bright color and make it your statement piece of your outfit. Top: Wildfox Cateye $69, middle: H&M $13, bottom: Jessica Simpson, metal sunglasses $19.97

2. Aviators

In my opinion, Aviators are the most universally faltering sunglass style.  Thank Tom Cruise for putting these on the style radar with his iconic Aviator Ray Bans. I’m wearing reflective ones which add an extra level of “Don’t Kill My Vibe” look. Try different colors too which add to the fun summery  look. All products: aviators from Soho boutique in NYC

3. Geometric/funky 

This is my new fav for the summer! The funkier the better! I’m a Gemini so I love experimenting with different shapes and colors. Make this style a statement piece for your outfit especially if you are going for a monochromatic look. Shades purchased in Soho, NYC.

The fun part about summer is the extra added accessory which is fun shades! Go wild and out of your comfort zone!

Photo credit: Stephanie Barnett 




Favorite products for my summer curls

Summer is in full effect and with the humidity, rain, and other elements it can be really tough for us curly-haired ladies. I’m highlighting some products that I have been using since last summer and some new ones as well. All curls are not created equal so you have to consider the texture, thickness, and type of curls that you have. My hair is extremely thick and can get very dry so I have to have products that supply enough moisture without weighing it down. 

1. I am huge lover of Shea Moisture products and Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Strengthen, Grow, & Restore Leave-In Conditioner w/ Shea butter, Peppermint, & Keratin is at the top of my list. This Leave-In Conditioner is great because it’s not too heavy and I add it in right after I finish in the shower. It has awesome ingredients so if you have color treated hair and Jamaican Black Castor oil is known to help hair growth and make it stronger which I agree and have witnessed with my hair. My hair is a homemade ombré right now so this leave-in has all the right things I need to keep it strong.

2.  For a detangler, I love Revitalizing  Leave-in Conditioner by Jane Carter.  I have been using this for years now and it’s the  best detangler because it actually does detangler my thick curls in the shower. I choose to comb out my hair in the shower when my hair is most damp. It has a light lemongrass smell that isn’t too strong and once you spray your hair, the comb will go right through. A must have for thick curly hair!

3.  To refresh my curls after a day or so, I use Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Strengthen, Grow, & Restore Styling Lotion w/ Shea butter, Peppermint, & Keratin. This is great since when you are refreshing your curl style, you may not want to put so much product and this one is light enough to add moisture and shine. Even if your hair is dry it’s a great product to add a pick me up without adding the leave-in. I will say that the Leave-in and styling lotion have the same ingredients so you can use them interchangeably if you like.

4. Lastly, to seal in the moisture I use Morroccan Oil Treatment by Morroccan Oil. This is a new product for me as I usually use Jamaican Black Castor Oil as my seal to lock in my moisture. I love this product and see similarities with Argon Oil. The oil gives you an excellent shine and it lasts you all day. I received it about two months ago through my monthly Ipsy subscription and will buy the bigger bottle once the sample is done. 

There are so many choices when it comes to hair products but when summertime comes you want some that will help against the elements. These are all that I actually use and you can see from the picture below my curls look healthy and strong! 



5 fun summer nail colors to try

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s almost been a week since I posted. From the events from last week in the news,  I wasn’t in the best space to be posting but now I’m feeling in a more happier up beat mood. When your not feeling your best, one of the best things you can do is paint your nails! Automatic Mood booster!!

Below I have some great summer colors that you should try because it’s warm, the sun is shining, and put that dull pale pink away for something more bright and up beat!

Turquoise & Caicos

1. First is Turquoise & Caicos by Essie.  This color falls in the mint green family and with about 2 coats it’s a beautiful mint green. There are a bunch of choices for a mint green polish but this one stands out because it dries how it looks on the bottle which is always a plus. Essie is more on the pricier side but this is worth it.

District-Ly Come Dancing

2. This is another in the green and blue family called District-Ly Come Dancing by Rimmel London.  This was one of the first  Rimmel London nail polishes that I bought and it definitely does dry in 60 seconds. I was pleasantly surprised for how long it lasted too for it being a quick dry nail polish. The color is very bright and perfect for the toes! The Rimmel London nail brushes are very wide and square and perfect for newbies that are doing their own manicures.

Central Love Heart

3. My next pick is another one by Rimmel London called Central Love Heart.  This is one of my favorite reds because it’s bright but not fire hydrant bright. It’s just enough brightness for a showy red color and lasts about 2 weeks. It’s very affordable, as all the Rimmel London polishes are.

Fuschia Power

4. When I’m feeling extra girly, I reach for Fuschia Power by Sally Hansen.  Sally Hansen is the OG of nail polishes and rightfully so since the brand has been strong for decades. I really like the Xtreme Wear polish line as it definitely stays on strong and it a great color for summer. 


5. My last pick is Hazard by Sinful Colors. I really like this line because they have very bright and dramatic colors like neon yellows, oranges, etc. This orange is great for the toes if you are feeling adventurous! It dries rather quickly and has a orange matte feel without using a matte top coat which is chic. 

Summer is the perfect opportunity to break out of your tipical nail routine and live outside the box!



3 summer scents you need!

Summertime fine! We all feel it when summer comes and we also have to smell the part. I have picked my top 3 Summer perfumes that I have worn and range from light and refreshing to one when you are feeling a little more on the sexy exotic side.

1. Wildbloom Vert by Banana Republic. I have to give a shout out to my younger brother, Andrew for buying me this scent about 4 years ago on Christmas. It was in a gift set with about 4 different scents from Banana Republic, but Wildbloom Vert stands out for its light, clean, floral notes of violet leaf, pear & pink lady apple with peach blossoms. Wonderful right? It smells absolutely divine and it’s not too strong of a floral scent that’s perfect for brunch with the girls then shopping after.

2. Amore by Vince Camuto. I received this as a gift from my aunt and it was part of a set and I fell in love with this one. Amore is a floral scent as well, however it’s more on the sweet side. It’s fresh and floral at the same time with notes of cashmere, amber, and sandalwood. It’s not strong at all and is light enough to be worn all day.

3. Classico by Jor’el Parker. This was a sample from my monthly subscription by ipsy. This scent is the strongest of the three and is more on the exotic side. The scent has notes of  Australian Sandalwood, Moroccan Rose, and Indonesian clove bud. It’s perfect for nighttime when you are out on a date night. It’s a come hither scent so if you are trying to draw that date in, he will be intrigued.

These are some of my favorites for summer as I like to change my perfume scents around seasonally. It helps also that whenever someone asks me what I want as I gift I tell them perfume! I’m obsessed!


Re-potting your plants 

If taking care of plants is daunting for you don’t worry! We all have to start somewhere and first start by paying attention to the tag in how to care for the plant. Each plant varies in how much water and sunlight so make sure you keep the tag.

I’ll be showing you how to re-pot your plants in a few easy steps once they have outgrown their original pot.

Tools needed: small shovel for soil, gloves (I used latex), Miracle-Gro Potting Mix, larger pot for plant/flowers to put plant in.

1. First, find a pot that is wider and bigger than its original. It should also have a drain hole at the bottom. As you can tell from the photo below, this succulent is ready to be put in a larger pot to grow bigger.

This Succulent plant has clearly out grown its orginal pot

2. Next, I use Miracle Gro Potting Mix and fill my new pot up about 1/3 full of the mix.

works great to grow flowers and plants.
fill 1/3 full with potting mix

3. Next, I take the original plant out of its first pot. Now if it’s really tight, add water to the side to lossen it up. Then, gently loosen the root ball and add to the new pot.

gently loosen the root ball

4. Apply Miracle-Gro Potting Mix along the sides to fill up the new pot with soil. Gently press along the edges so that its blended in. Lastly, add water to set in the new soil and go along with the watering and lighting schedule you were doing for your particular plant. 

final product!

I would love to see your photos so please any comments I would appreciate! Enjoy!