My Thoughts on IGTV

Hi Beauties!I know it’s been forever! My apologies! It’s been super busy and I wanted to make sure I made a blog post on my recent video that I premiered on #IGTV! I know IGTV is a growing platform and I can’t wait for more people to catch on! I uploaded my first video earlier today and I’ll share the process with you.

1. It’s easy and hard to find at the same time.

So I had heard about the launch of #IGTV on Good Morning America and how it wants to compete with YouTube. I actually thought it was great news because I don’t think there really is any other site that could even compete with YouTube and if any platform was going to do it, it would be Instagram.

Once you have completed the update of IG, the top of your feed will look slightly different. If you are a business page , where you find your page Insights, are no longer in the same spot. They are now located on the top left side by infamous “pancake stacks” that you can click and now see your Saved posts as well. The IGTV icon is now located where you could find Insights and Direct messages. The DM icon has changed as well.

2. It’s easier to navigate inside Instagram than in its own app.

So I quickly realized that it was easier to see different IGTV users in IG than in its own separate app. I downloaded the app from the App Store, but once I did, I found it difficult to swipe in and out of accounts and look at mine as well of I wanted to go back. Maybe it’s a learning curve, but I am tech savvy and can catch on quick and this seamless navigation wasn’t easy in the app. I prefer to record my video, edit, then, upload straight from my IG page.

3. You have to get used to recording and watching in vertical form.

Once I recorded my first video, it was super zoomed in on my face and I was like, Eekkk! But once you edit your video and use Portrait mode when uploading in your editing program, it’s much better. You also have to get used to watching videos that are strictly vertical. It’s good if you position your phone on a particular tri-pod like device and then you are good to go, but you will notice the videos that were not edited down to scale just an FYI.

These are just my early opinions and let me know what you all think!




Kylie Weather & Cremè Collections Review

Hey Beauties!

Sorry it’s been so long since I have made a post. The last 3 months have been hectic and WordPress wasn’t working for me 😫.

I have a bunch of new products that I have added to my collection so I am so anxious to review and share with you all! One of the newbies was from @KylieCosmetics Weather Collection in honor of her new baby Stormi. I ordered one of the new matte formulation in a lipstick form named “Cosmic” which is a grayish taupe which I LOVED! Below is a picture of me wearing it. Cosmic by KylieCosmetics “Weather Collection”

I love this color! It’s not over drying, goes on super smooth, and lasts for awhile. It’s the perfect Taupe. Perfect!!!

The second one that I picked up was one of her new Cremè lipsticks. Honestly, I hated this one. I picked the color “Truffle” and it was a dusty pink. First, the Cremè made my lips tingle which makes me think I could be allergic to some of the ingredients so I will not be buying another one from the Cremè collection. I have swatched the color below.

As you can see from the picture above, the Truffle color was creamy but didn’t agree with my lips 😩.

The third lipstick I picked up is a classic by @KylieCosmetics named True Brown K which I have pictured below.

True Brown K

I was so excited when she brought this classic back that I never got to pick up but now I do! This is the perfect grungy, 90s vibe, brown matte that I love. This will a staple in my collection for many years!

Let me know what you all think if you have picked some goodies up as well! Look out for my @Glossier cleansing product review this week!



Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation Stick Review


Hey Beauties!

I hope you had a great weekend! I was in DC for my nephews birthday and had a great time with my family. I went makeup free which was freeing but I felt kinda bare at the same time. As promised, I have been wearing Tarte’s Amazonian Foundation Stick for about 2 weeks and my review is  below.

1. It goes on smooth, BUT it wasn’t easy to blend. I usually use a beauty blender but it wasn’t easy to blend with it on my face already. I then used Bestidy brush to blend it and that made it a lot easier. I like using the beauty blenders because I can do it on the go and the blenders with handles are just more cumbersome to bring.

2. It left my skin looking ashy and a grey overtone. I have yellow undertones because I am a woman of color but this foundation matched my skin perfectly but still left my face looking ashy and on the “cooler” end. I didn’t like how my skin looked and it was not easy to take off either. That was a negative for me.

3. It did not leave a smooth finish. The areas near my nose were spotty and when I put extra foundation it made it worse. I had to blend that area with my hands which overall is annoying. The area around my nose just didn’t look even and I got annoyed on how much more product I had to put on.

Overall, I was let down by the Clay Stick foundation. I will still continue  just wearing concealer as I mostly just wear that anyway. Hope this was helpful. Have a great day!



EltaMD Product Review

Hi Beauties!

Happy Holidays! I hope you all had wonderful, safe, joy filled holidays. My family celebrates Christmas and my mom did not disappoint with her choice of Christmas PJs for the whole family. Check out my IG page for pics. Shame on me for my lack of posts. With moving, eczema breakouts, and crazy holiday season I had been pretty busy.

As promised on my IG page, I wanted to give a full review of @EltaMD skincare products. While using these products, I also used a serum made by my dermatologist to try to even out my skin.

1. Be prepared to spend money.

Now these products are not cheap, however, I did get good results. For the Barrier Renewal Complex, Foaming Face Wash, & Broad Spectrum UV cream, and my doctors serum I spent $230. Now, at first this may seem like a lot, but it’s actually pretty average and some of the bottles can be at least $100 each but in this case it was not.

2. Use the Barrier Renewal Complex before Serum.

Now this may seem obvious, but serums are very concentrated and if you have sensitive skin like me, it can be shocking to the skin. Now, this doesn’t mean that it’s bad for the skin but you should use a base before applying the serum just after washing your face. I noticed a huge difference when I applied the Barrier before the serum. It smoothed out my skins’ appearance which was my goal.

3. Be patient, and use as directed!

Sometimes I get lazy and only would use all 4 products at night or I would just apply in the morning. I noticed a huge difference when I started applying all 4 products both morning and night. To be clear, I only used the foaming cleanser at night. I just rinse my face with water in the mornings. Also, when I would apply all 3 products AM and PM in the mornings I found my skin’s tone starting to even out faster. That was my main concern as to why I was using the products because my skin was two different tones. Below are my before and after pics:My after pic 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

My before pic 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

Elta MD products & Liftin MD Serum 👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾

Let me know your thoughts! Be sure to follow my IG page as well! @ccseesbeauty



Fenty Beauty Review!! 

Hi Beauties!!

I hope you enjoying the fall crisp air! (Finally) Its starting to finally feel like Fall and I am loving it!!! My apologies for the low amount of posting. Like I’ve shared before, I suffer from extremely severe eczema and it has been really rough on my skin for the last two months. Gratefully, I have been finding solutions and will be back to 100% soon. Now for my review!

That glow though!!!

1. The packaging is beyond gorgeous. The fact that all of the packaging is magnetic is genius because it prevents items from getting lost! There is a mirror included in #TrophyWife which is also vey helpful and it’s a good size as well. 

Trophy Wife Highlighter & Ridiiic Match Stix

2. Trophy Wife is worth all the hype. With all the pictures, hashtags, videos, and all around buzz this highlighter is BEYOND pigmented and is for the ultra glam!!! A little goes a long way but I feel like if you were to use too much, it’s alright too because the pigment is just to fabulous. I was out in a dark Resturant out with my husband and I woman stopped me in my tracks and asked me if I was wearing #TrophyWife and I responded with a Yasssss! The pics do not do it justice and it’s great on all skin tones! 

Trophy Wife & Ridiic together

3. Layer, Layer, and Layer some more! I also purchased the Match Stix in #Ridiiic and this is a great peachy coral blush or highlighter layer. I wore it as a blush and just blended it in and I LOVED the look! The prices were not bad either. #TrophyWife was $34 and #Ridiiic was $25 which was all pretty affordable. 

I didn’t purchase the foundation due to my eczema but I will be getting it later and a review will follow suit. I also did not get any of the brushes as a simple fan highlighter brush will do and the Match Stix can be blended with your fingers or a regular blush brush. Let me know your thoughts!



Vision Board How to and #Inspo

Hey Beauties!

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great start of the work week! One goal that I had set a couple of weeks ago  was that I wanted to make a vision board because I had been feeling very inspired lately and didn’t want to lose that great, excited, passion, warm, fuzzy feeling! Now that I have used a bunch of adjectives let me get started on an easy guide.

1. It’s never too late to start or make a vision board.  Some people believe that you should only make them at the beginning of the year. Now it’s great to get your year started with one, but there is no set time. Think about if you want a career change, setting a weight loss goal, or just trying to envision yourself in a city or state you would like to live or work in. Waking up every morning to what you aspire to be or better yet what inspires you gets you in the right frame of mind to take on the day to get you closer to your goal!

2. Dream Big. Plan tactfully. When planning your board and going through magazines and newspapers, think about your larger goal. Do I want to be a photographer? What type? What equipment will I need? Ask yourself these questions and the tactfull part will fall into place. If you don’t know where to start, try googling whatever it is that you want to achieve and look for a success story. Don’t try to copy but look for a common characteristic  that those particular people possessed that were successful in that field and put that on your board. 

3. Get supportive friends and family involved. I just made a vision board and I included my stepdaughters in the process. I wanted to show them a fun activity while teaching a lesson about staying positive while letting them be creative. When you have a support system that encourages you to strive for the best it will enhance the whole creative process and open up your mind to different possibilities. 

Below are a few photos and videos from my vision board process and a quick IG Story. I would love to know how you all make yours and show photos! 

My 12 year-old  Zy’Ira’s Vision Board ☝🏾

My 9 year old Leah’s Vision board ☝🏾

My vision board above ☝🏾



Face Mask Review: Rose Stem Cell Mask

Hi Beauties!

There are so many masks on the market that it is hard to keep up! I received a great gift from my mother which was a mask set from @PeterThomasRoth. I’ve only used one of the three which is the Rose Stem Cell one and I’ll share my results below. 

Rose Stem Cell Gel mask

1. The mask helped with my puffy eyes. I can admit that at times I go to bed late and my under eye area suffers. After using this mask about twice a week on and off for two months, I was pleased with the results since my eyes were not as puffy and the circles were not as deep. Below is my before and after picture. The time between the pics was 2 months. Bonus: by putting the mask in the fridge and sleeping with it gave me some extra tingles and it felt amazing!

My results!

2. My skin was glowing! The glow that you get after removing the mask is absolutely amazing! Usually, once I put on my moisturizer I have a glow but directly after removing the mask my skin had a JLo glow! This was my favorite part of the mask because you feel rejuvenated and fresh faced. 

3. It stayed true to the claims. On the bottle, the masks claims to brighten ✔️ tone ✔️ hydrate ✔️ and firms ✔️. This is pretty impressive because there are a lot of creams and masks that claim they are supposed to do what they are supposed and some fall short. Fortunately, this stayed true and I was able to check all of the claims! Bonus: the applicator to apply the mask comes with a textured side and when you massage the gel on your face it feels so soothing and cooking.

I’m happy to report 1 out of 3 is plus and I will report later regarding the other two masks. Enjoy your Sunday!



How to do a monochromatic look

Hey Beauties!

I hope you all had a great 4th of July holiday! Yesterday inspired me to do a nontradional patriotic look. I simply went with a monochromatic look which is just fancy for wearing the same color from head to toe. This isn’t to be confused with matchy-matchy but I’ll share a few tips so you all can try for a chic look! 

1. Pick one color

This is easier said than done, but the essence of a monochromatic look is to pick one color and play around which the shade of that color. In the photo below, I chose blue for the 4th of July  but took it a step further an paired my light navy colored @OldNavy off the shoulder blouse with a baby blue pair of skinny pants from @BabesandFelines. Both items compliment each other as they are both in the blue family and this rule applies to most colors. Tip: If you opt for a bright color to mono with, my advice is to do the deeper shade on the bottom which will make you more slim, then the brighter on top.

Matching with the blue water

2. Play with different textures 

Once you figure out your color that you want to wear, playing with different textures in the same color will take your look to extra chic. In the summer we have  flowy cotton, chiffon, ruffles, or linen to name a few. During the fall and winter, think of shearling, faux fur, sequins, cable knit for sweaters and blouses. Pick one and decide if you want to make it a statement of your look. Tip: Don’t forget your accessories but try to keep it at a minimum with the finishing touches like a simple necklace or bangles. 

3. Choosing the right footwear

So once your look is put together, I always think it’s best to pick a neutral to wear at the bottom. If you are wearing cool colors like blues and purples think of a darker or light tan or brown color. If you are wearing more warm colors golds and tans are also a great choice. Grays are great for deeper colors as well. 

Check out the photos below by my gorge friend @_Niove 📸



Happy 1 year!! 

Hey Beauties! Sorry for being so MIA! The past two months have been beyond busy. With my Anniversary, graduations, work trips, and overall life responsiblites I haven’t been able to post. But guess what?? It’s my 1 year blog anniversary of Ccseesbeauty!!! I am so thankful for all of messages, post, suggestions, and thank you’s from all of my followers! 

Beauty, fashion, and reviews are really my passion to help and give my feedback from products that I actually use. I will be revamping the blog soon and switching to my own domain which will be!! So stay tuned for my launch and I’ll keep you all posted! 

Thank you again for everything and stay beautiful!



Beauty Balm review!

Hey Beauties!

Happy Spring! I’m such a Spring baby hence my cherry blossom background of my blog. Sorry it’s been some time since my last post. My family had Spring Break, Easter, and I like to take my time and establish a good time with a new product I buy. For full disclosure I have never been a beauty balm person but decided to give it a go.

Gerard Cosmetics: BB Plus Illumination

BB plus Illumination and my fav flower Peonies!

First, this creme is a great price and Gerard Cosmetics is always doing promotions so it won’t break your account priced at $36 dollars. The creme is very thick and it’s a gold color which I thought at first might be too heavy, but once it’s on your face it glides so smoothly. It leaves your skin with such a beautiful glow and it’s not too glittery or have a yellowish tint to it. A little will go a long way and I apply before I put on my moisturizer. If it had SPF in it, it would be a perfect product. My only gripe is that you do have to make sure that you rub all of the product in as you don’t want a glob in your eyebrow (it happenend to me). Below is a Boomerang of me wearing just the BB creme. ​

I would defintely reccommend this product, especially for the summertime since the product would look even better on tanned sun kissed skin and darker complexions. Your Glow would be poppinnnnn! 

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream Skin Clearing

Wearing Dream Pure BB cream

This is another new favorite of mine and I have added it to my winter skin regime. From time to time I would suffer from pimple breakouts around my cheeks and forehead and foundation is too heavy for my skin in the winter so I needed a solution. I started reading about this BB cream and how great it was and decided to give it a whirl. The picture above is me just wearing the cream and here is my overall assessment. First, Maybelline needs a better variety of skin colors and not just 3. Really though? Also, I find that some CC and BB creams leave a greyish tone to your skin which this one isn’t too bad but it’s something I have noticed. For the price, $8.99 it’s a good deal because it defintely cleared up some of my acne that I had. Also, you really don’t need that much product, and it’s very light and mattifying. It gives a clear clean look like you have foundation on without being heavy.

I would love to know your thoughts and results! Don’t forget to follow me on IG @ccseesbeauty!